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Seven years ago, in Cape Town, South Africa, three schoolboys are abducted in broad daylight on consecutive days. They are never heard of again.

Now, a new case for Colonel Vaughn DeVries at the Serious Crimes Unit casts a light on the original enquiry; for him, a personal failure which has haunted and changed him.

DeVries himself is under investigation, the future of his department in doubt. A former British government agent provides him with unobtainable intelligence, but what price will he have to pay?

Struggling in a mire of departmental and racial rivalry, DeVries seeks the whole truth, and unravels a complex history of abuse, deception and murder. Encountering friends, colleagues and enemies, DeVries realises he doesn’t know anymore, who is which.

Set against the richly described backdrop of Cape Town, this chilling psychological thriller reveals it’s secrets one by one, each more shocking than the last.

Book no.1
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