Apostle Lodge

Apostle Lodge looks out over the ocean, an award-winning mansion built by a renowned architect. Stark and minimal, its black opaque windows hide a terrible secret. As Colonel Vaughn De Vries investigates the depraved crime committed within its walls, he believes there may be more than one killer on the loose, all with connections to a charismatic man who as a child, drowned his sister and shattered his family.And his work is not over yet.



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'An excellent, uncompromising crime thriller made even better by its setting ... the story is two journeys in one, and I'm glad I took both'
Lee Child
This series just gets better and better. De Vries is utterly believable: fallible, weak, but ultimately, driven' 
SA Review of Books
''Mendelson plots so smoothly and writes so powerfully''
The Guardian
'A new Vaughn de Vries novel is the best news there is. Mendelson is the new King of SA Crime'
Books, 456 FM
'A jaw-droppingly brilliant crime thriller. Imagine The Killing moved to Cape Town and into the landscape of the hot and dusty African veld'
Philip Glenister
The novel fizzes, helped by a vivid backdrop of the country's post-apartheid transformation
The Times
His debut novel bristles with a command of language and narrative that suggests someone with a slew of novels to their name.
The Financial Times